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Today, on Sunday morning, February 5, Ninet Company DC suffered a hacker attack, which led to  the unauthorized changes, mainly related to the DNS domain records. Our Team has started the immediate actions after the very first alerts were received, so prevented successfully any further actions and triggered  immediate restoration of all the values to the original state. We have collected all the relevant facts about the attack, as the attacker has created the valid system account and made the successful payment so all the traces are visible to us. Once, when attacker was able to access to some parts of the Backoffice cockpits, already prepared scripts were executed, which last a few minutes. Based on all the gathered data, and performed forensic analysis, we will take all the necessary steps to protect our, and our customer and partner business, contact all the relevant institution as we do have obvious evidences how the attack was carefully planned and performed, targeting the Time which is supposed to be most vulnerable, like the complete access procedure as well.
We are very sorry for your inconvenience caused by this incident, the complete team will be monitoring the situation and be fully available to support you.

We will still continue to try to find the balance between usability and security, which obviously is a huge challenges for all of us.

Thank you once more time for believing in all our efforts!