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.RS Domains – three levels of protection

.RS Domains – three levels of protection

With the purpose of better domain name protection there are three levels that are available to users:

  1. Secure Mode
  2. Client-Side Lock or Registrar Lock
  3. Registry Lock


Secure mode

Secure Mode is domain status which requires verification of the action by an administrative contact. Namely, changes all critical data (changing of DNS servers, contacts update…) require verification by an admin contact. The verification email is sent by the RNIDS and it contains hyperlink through which the confirmation ( verification ) of the initiated action is performed. After the successful verification, new data would be listed.

Client-Side Lock or Registrar Lock

Client-Side Lock or Registrar Lock implies blocking of all changes of the domain except renewal. If a client wants to change, for example, DNS servers for his/her domain, he/she has to unlock the domain first and then submit changes via my.ninet.rs portal or send us a ticket to support@ninet.rs. The domain will have status “UNLOCK” for the next 30 minutes and then it will return to previous status “LOCK”.


*** These two levels of protection are free, and can be activated at any time, the next one (Registry Lock) is the most efficient, but the billable one. ***

Registry Lock

Registry Lock is the highest level of security and it requires three additional contacts. It means that a client cannot make any changes on the domain until this security is deactivated permanently or temporarily.


The owner has to send us a ticket to support@ninet.rs and provide us with three extra contacts (name, surname, address, email address and phone number). They will be contacted by RNIDS in order to deactivate this protection. This protection annually costs 88 EUR, that is, if the protection is submitted after the domain registration it will be active until domain expiration (e.g. domain was registered on 31st, January, 2017 and protection was submitted on 28th, March, 2017 it will be active until 31st, January, 2017). If the owner wishes to continue to use Registry Lock he/she has to renew both domain name and Registry Lock, or if he/she doesn’t wish to continue to use Registry Lock he/she can pay only domain name renewal.


The owner has to send us a ticket to support@ninet.rs and specify the period of deactivation, otherwise the status will be set to the previous condition after 48 hours. After the request has been sent RNIDS will contact at least two of the three additional contacts for further confirmation via email or phone call. It is necessary that at least two additional contacts agree with the deactivation and it will be applied. Deactivation can be activated/deactivated unlimited number of times.

Sincerely,NiNet Team

NiNet Team

Announcement 05.February 2017

Announcement 05.February 2017

Today, on Sunday morning, February 5, Ninet Company DC suffered a hacker attack, which led to  the unauthorized changes, mainly related to the DNS domain records. Our Team has started the immediate actions after the very first alerts were received, so prevented successfully any further actions and triggered  immediate restoration of all the values to the original state. We have collected all the relevant facts about the attack, as the attacker has created the valid system account and made the successful payment so all the traces are visible to us. Once, when attacker was able to access to some parts of the Backoffice cockpits, already prepared scripts were executed, which last a few minutes. Based on all the gathered data, and performed forensic analysis, we will take all the necessary steps to protect our, and our customer and partner business, contact all the relevant institution as we do have obvious evidences how the attack was carefully planned and performed, targeting the Time which is supposed to be most vulnerable, like the complete access procedure as well.
We are very sorry for your inconvenience caused by this incident, the complete team will be monitoring the situation and be fully available to support you.

We will still continue to try to find the balance between usability and security, which obviously is a huge challenges for all of us.

Thank you once more time for believing in all our efforts!

8 Best & Free WordPress Gallery Plugins

8 Best & Free WordPress Gallery Plugins

Visual impression is one of the most decisive parameters on whether someone will buy a product or a service from us.

Over 2/3 of people on the planet are visual types. They make the decision to buy something only when the presentation of it pleases their eyes.

Make a better visual presentation of your product, company interior, illustration, event or something else. You will raise a loan in their eyes as someone with the great authority.

Whatever you want to show, image or video gallery adds an instant professional touch to your website.

So, it is important to choose the right gallery plugin for your needs.

Because of that, we want to share with you 8 absolutely free and the best gallery plugins with the highest ratings from its users.


1.   Gallery

With this advanced plugin you can quickly create a responsive WordPress photo gallery. It has a list of tools and options for adding and editing images for a different view.

You can easily add image galleries and albums to post, pages, and widgets. Add detail descriptions and tags to your images and organize them into different albums.

With its E-commerce add-on, you can sell digital images and prints. The unlimited price list can be also connected by galleries and images.

Also, you have the ability to add advertising and watermark over the images. We have listed only a fraction of its characteristics and it´s all for free.


With a large number of active installs and many advanced options, Gallery plugin deserves only the highest rates. Many satisfied customers are proof for that.

2Photo Gallery by Supsystic


Build an amazing photo gallery with this awesome plugin. It offers you a great number of layouts with unlimited options of design and styles.

Create stunning portfolios and attractive galleries of images, videos and content for your website.

It currently has over 30,000 active installs and its popularity is growing every day.



  1.  Foo Gallery


Foo Gallery is definitely our favorite plugin in this list. It is so simple for users and it is developer-friendly.

With over 50,000 active installs, it has the highest average ratings from its users.

Foo Gallery allows you to have a better image and video gallery management. Albums are already built-in and you can reorder image and galleries with drag and drop option.

It is free, but if you want to create video galleries you must upgrade to the paid version.

We have listed some options, but this fantastic plugin has many more of them.

With its great support and always fresh updates, we strongly recommend you to activate the Foo Gallery plugin on your WordPress site.  Try out its powerful extensions!



4.   Unite Gallery Lite

The Unite Gallery Lite plugin has a powerful and easy to use WordPress administration. Every gallery option has its description and it is divided into logical sections. Because of this, it is perfectly understandable even to WordPress amateurs.

With its many types of gallery look, it offers a unique appearance of your images.

Always freshly updated and with the highest ratings from its users Unite Gallery Lite is plugin worth to try.



5.   Gallery Bank


Design and create beautiful photo gallery and albums with Gallery Bank WordPress plugin. With many layouts, special effects and over 200 features, it deserves to be in this list.

Many great options are free and can take a part in the making of the fascinating WordPress site. But there is also a premium edition, which offers more advanced features.

Gallery Bank has regular updates. Its simplicity of usage and functionalities are responsible for its highest ratings.

With free version, you can only create up to 3 albums with unlimited number of images. You can also upload videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc…



6.   Easy Image Gallery


With Easy Image Gallery WordPress plugin you can create a gallery and place it wherever you need on your site. It could be on any post, page or custom post type.

There is also drag and drop option for rearranging images in the gallery.  It is also developer friendly and offers shortcodes and template tags for finer control.

Try out this free plugin and find out why it has the highest rates from its users.



7.   Photo Image Gallery Plugin


With responsive Photo Image Gallery plugin with lightbox you can add unlimited number of images into any page or post on your WordPress site.

It has many interesting effects. For example, with an isotope effect you can adjust your image size according to the screen resolution.

It is free, but it has its Pro version with more advanced features. It currently has no many active installs, but its popularity is growing day by day. It´s definitely worth trying.



8.   Portfolio

If you pay attention to details, fully responsive Portfolio gallery plugin is the best solution for you.

It allows you to create galleries with images, YouTube and Vimeo videos with descriptions and titles.

You can test all 7 fancy gallery views, slider gallery options and other basic functionalities. Also, you can use it on different pages.


Create a single portfolio gallery with description, video, faq, slider and content slider. All this is available in the free version. Pro version opens more abilities of customization.


Do you currently use some gallery plugin? What’s your favorite? Or maybe there’s some other plugin we didn’t mention here? Please, share your tips and observations in the comments bellow.

Email Marketing Statistics – Get Ready For 2017

Email Marketing Statistics – Get Ready For 2017


A couple years ago, there was a discussion and predictions that email marketing will be dead. It turns out that it is more and more important and inevitable marketing strategy than ever before.

From year after year, it changes.

Without it, many businesses currently loose unthinkable amounts of money.  They maybe aren´t aware of that.

Without emails, it would be impossible to reach people when they are not at their computers.

By 2019, an email will reach 90.9% of those online. There is no more effective channel to reach your target audience than email marketing.

You still don’t use email marketing as a part of your marketing strategy? Now is about time to start to reap the benefits of your efforts and work.



What does previous statistics show to us?


Econsultancy  statistics for 2016. (Source: http://learn.infusionsoft.com) proves us that:

  • All email communication will be personalized in the next five years.
  • Email marketing is 40 times more effective for acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter.
  • Emails are 26 % more likely to open if they have a customized email subject line.
  • Include sharing buttons and email will have a 158 % higher CTR (click-thru rate).
  • 33% of consumers unsubscribe from brand emails because mailings are too frequent. 24% unsubscribe because the content is repetitive and boring.
  • The open rate is higher when companies send two emails per month.

These statistics are just the tip of the iceberg. Predictions show us that all email marketing indicators will have its rise in 2017.


Because of this, go even further in favor of smart design email marketing strategy.


What is smart email marketing?

Smart email marketing follows a strategic marketing formula that:

  • Raises awareness through informing customers about a product.
  • Stimulates a desire for acquisition.
  • Guides the reader toward conversion (reader transforms into a customer)
  • Create customer retention – sell them related products.

Customers want to know about coupons because they like to save money when they shop. In fact, coupons are what drive online sales. Customers also tend to like emails that educate and engage them.

The answer is to add value by providing useful content of personalized email campaigns. Use data and contextual information about your audience and craft the right message.


What do we expect for the year 2017?

We will be more and more swamped with emails. In 2017 the average person will get 124 emails a day. Who will read that? Do we have time for that? This opens the new question: “Will people hate emails?”

Don’t worry, they will not. They will hate the ones that they don’t want to read.

So it’s up to you to think out the “not boring, but awesome” email marketing strategy.


So here is the email marketing statistics and predictions for 2017:


Impressive analytical results from the past enable us to predict the email marketing trends in 2017. A recent article at http://www.orchestrate.com/ said that in 2017. email marketing will focus more on the aspect of automation.The automated email marketing can turn the conversation to be more appealing and relevant to the target audience. Emails must promise a better user interactivity. Email campaigns must be engaging and eye-catching with videos and animations.

Businesses have started to realize its potential to improve the brand experience.

Other statistics said that:

  • Email marketing in average brings with a 3800% ROI or $38 for every $1 spent. (Source: https://www.campaignmonitor.com)
  • The Radicati group, a technology market research firm concludes that:
    • By the end of 2017 a number of worldwide email accounts are expected to continue to grow by 6%. But a number of email users will grow by 3%, since many consumers tend to have several email accounts.
    • By the end of 2017, the total number of worldwide email accounts is expected to increase to over 4.9 billion.
    • The amount of consumer email continues to grow mainly due to its use for notifications (mostly for online sales).
    • Total worldwide sent or received emails per day will be 225.3 billion, which is 5% growth in comparison with 2016.
    • Sent or received business emails per day will be 120.4 billion by the end of 2017. which is 3% growth from 2016.
    • Sent or received consumer emails per day will be 104.9 billion by the end of 2017. which represents growth of as much as 6%.
    • The average number of sent or received business emails per day will be 124 by the end of 2017. (In comparison with 123 in 2016.)



Now when you know these statistics, think out the smart email marketing strategy. Use the power of email marketing and let your business flourish.

Do you use email marketing for your business? Does it bring you conversions? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

Affordable technology solutions for small online businesses

Affordable technology solutions for small online businesses

In the digital age, the power and omnipresence of business tools have reduced the disparity between small businesses and large corporations.

Continuous innovation around cloud-based software solutions and increased competition for market share has made a considerable number of technological tools available and affordable to small online businesses. This type of technology allows even small startups to reach great results on the global stage in a way that has never been seen or even imagined before now.

We have compiled a short but important list of affordable technology solutions that will help your business performance and facilitate its growth in the market.


  1. Reliable web hosting

It‘s essential to select a reliable hosting provider carefully since your business depends on it. When it comes to investing in your online presence, most business owners tend to think about everything else but web hosting. If you consider your website a digital home, then you have to perceive the hosting as both the foundation and the roof of that home.

– Firstly, you have to evaluate your needs, and don‘t only think about the price of certain web hosting deal. It‘s true that there are free hosting services, but it doesn‘t mean they present a good choice for yourself and your business.

– The website speed is of the utmost importance! Don‘t allow your users to lose faith in your site due to its slow load ( it shouldn’t take more than 2-3 seconds to load). It‘s tedious to use a slow site and users simply abandon it. Keep in mind that it‘s also important to choose a close location to your target group.

– You should wisely choose a web host that will effortlessly handle the load of traffic, not slowing down the site. Always think of the sales for which you had worked so hard to get!

– A good host should also handle critical security updates on your CMS, proactively blocking any vulnerabilities and preventing your site from getting hacked.

  1. Benefits of Google AdWords

Online marketing and Google AdWords go hand in hand. For a small business, Google AdWords can be a hugely successful method of driving traffic, marketing your product, and ultimately getting increased sales.

– If your campaigns are set up properly they will send targeted leads to your website. AdWords will help you focus on target groups who are searching for what you have to offer. Refine your searches in order to draw only potential customers to your website, only those people who are , actually, interested in buying your products or services.

– This platform is suitable for all kinds of organizations, compatible with a wide range of other marketing platforms and software systems, and it‘s easily customizable to focus on specific online users. You can also set budgets according to the amount you‘re willing to spend on this type of advertising.

– Find areas of your campaign that give a good return on investment, and then focus on your efforts and budget on these areas. It takes time, but you can get a high return on investment which is impossible to achieve with any other marketing strategy.

– Google AdWords is an extremely transparent system that will help you easily analyze the progress of your AdWords campaign (clicked ads, entered keywords, costs of clicks, etc.)


  1. Online Invoicing benefits

Using cloud-based accounting system will provide faster and higher quality service to the clients you work with, and will make your business run more smoothly and efficiently.

– Online invoicing allows your clients to pay as soon as they receive an invoice, and saves you time and the cost of mailing bills and reminders;

– Direct link to your PayPal or bank account provides better cash flow for your business, giving you more opportunity to grow;

– Using simple invoice creator, subscriptions and other scheduled services can easily be automatically issued to your clients. Set a reminder to invoice your clients on weekly or monthly basis.


  1. Online banking advantages

Small online business owners should make the most banking from home or office, since it provides many advantages such as convenience, speed, and ease of account management.

– Online banking enables you to convey transactions from any device at any time, so you don‘t have to spend time visiting the bank.

– You can facilitate business account management – view your financial statements easily, and gain the current information about your business‘ finances.

– Online banking can help you organize your business finances, so you’ll avoid late payments that can harm your credit.

– If you operate more than one business you need to open a number of different accounts to manage your transactions. Online banking enables a quick transfer of money from one account to another to cover payments or meet a payroll.


  1. E-commerce platform

If you want to get an online business going and want to create your own online store look, consider using one of the many e-commerce platforms. You can choose between hosted (more user-friendly) and self-hosted (more advanced), but both can enable you to build an online store. Depending on the degree of customization, volume of products you are selling, and willingness to learn, you can find the most suitable e-commerce platform for your business.


Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce softwares in the market that offers variety of tools, especially for the businesses just starting out. Shopify is a one-stop-shop commerce website builder where they simplify business life, so that you don‘t have to worry about coding. If you‘re looking for:

– beautiful , professional mobile-ready themes;

– over 1500 apps to add to your store to extend the functionality of your business;

– 24/7 support;

– qualified experts,

Shopify is a perfect e-commerce platform for you!


BigCommerce is another well-known e-commerce website builder suitable for smaller business, as well as for larger stores. If you‘re looking for tools out of the basic package to improve the storefront design, BigCiommerce is the right choice for you! At this platform you‘ll also find:


– comprehensive set of tools to help you build your store;

– leverages on different social channels to help you grow your sales;

– adding advanced tools through App store;


Technology can be a small business owner’s best friend. It can help you work more efficiently, find more customers, and save money. You may need to make some adjustments to reap the benefits of tech-friendly alternatives, but the good news is that the benefits will often outweigh the short-lived challenges of the transitional process, once your new systems are in place. Those with online-based businesses have several tools available to chose from that help improve productivity and streamline certain aspects of the business. There are so many choices available that it can almost be overwhelming, but we hope the ones we described here will help you make the right call! Check them out and start making your business more productive today!