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8 Best & Free WordPress Gallery Plugins

8 Best & Free WordPress Gallery Plugins

Visual impression is one of the most decisive parameters on whether someone will buy a product or a service from us.

Over 2/3 of people on the planet are visual types. They make the decision to buy something only when the presentation of it pleases their eyes.

Make a better visual presentation of your product, company interior, illustration, event or something else. You will raise a loan in their eyes as someone with the great authority.

Whatever you want to show, image or video gallery adds an instant professional touch to your website.

So, it is important to choose the right gallery plugin for your needs.

Because of that, we want to share with you 8 absolutely free and the best gallery plugins with the highest ratings from its users.


1.   Gallery

With this advanced plugin you can quickly create a responsive WordPress photo gallery. It has a list of tools and options for adding and editing images for a different view.

You can easily add image galleries and albums to post, pages, and widgets. Add detail descriptions and tags to your images and organize them into different albums.

With its E-commerce add-on, you can sell digital images and prints. The unlimited price list can be also connected by galleries and images.

Also, you have the ability to add advertising and watermark over the images. We have listed only a fraction of its characteristics and it´s all for free.


With a large number of active installs and many advanced options, Gallery plugin deserves only the highest rates. Many satisfied customers are proof for that.

2Photo Gallery by Supsystic


Build an amazing photo gallery with this awesome plugin. It offers you a great number of layouts with unlimited options of design and styles.

Create stunning portfolios and attractive galleries of images, videos and content for your website.

It currently has over 30,000 active installs and its popularity is growing every day.



  1.  Foo Gallery


Foo Gallery is definitely our favorite plugin in this list. It is so simple for users and it is developer-friendly.

With over 50,000 active installs, it has the highest average ratings from its users.

Foo Gallery allows you to have a better image and video gallery management. Albums are already built-in and you can reorder image and galleries with drag and drop option.

It is free, but if you want to create video galleries you must upgrade to the paid version.

We have listed some options, but this fantastic plugin has many more of them.

With its great support and always fresh updates, we strongly recommend you to activate the Foo Gallery plugin on your WordPress site.  Try out its powerful extensions!



4.   Unite Gallery Lite

The Unite Gallery Lite plugin has a powerful and easy to use WordPress administration. Every gallery option has its description and it is divided into logical sections. Because of this, it is perfectly understandable even to WordPress amateurs.

With its many types of gallery look, it offers a unique appearance of your images.

Always freshly updated and with the highest ratings from its users Unite Gallery Lite is plugin worth to try.



5.   Gallery Bank


Design and create beautiful photo gallery and albums with Gallery Bank WordPress plugin. With many layouts, special effects and over 200 features, it deserves to be in this list.

Many great options are free and can take a part in the making of the fascinating WordPress site. But there is also a premium edition, which offers more advanced features.

Gallery Bank has regular updates. Its simplicity of usage and functionalities are responsible for its highest ratings.

With free version, you can only create up to 3 albums with unlimited number of images. You can also upload videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc…



6.   Easy Image Gallery


With Easy Image Gallery WordPress plugin you can create a gallery and place it wherever you need on your site. It could be on any post, page or custom post type.

There is also drag and drop option for rearranging images in the gallery.  It is also developer friendly and offers shortcodes and template tags for finer control.

Try out this free plugin and find out why it has the highest rates from its users.



7.   Photo Image Gallery Plugin


With responsive Photo Image Gallery plugin with lightbox you can add unlimited number of images into any page or post on your WordPress site.

It has many interesting effects. For example, with an isotope effect you can adjust your image size according to the screen resolution.

It is free, but it has its Pro version with more advanced features. It currently has no many active installs, but its popularity is growing day by day. It´s definitely worth trying.



8.   Portfolio

If you pay attention to details, fully responsive Portfolio gallery plugin is the best solution for you.

It allows you to create galleries with images, YouTube and Vimeo videos with descriptions and titles.

You can test all 7 fancy gallery views, slider gallery options and other basic functionalities. Also, you can use it on different pages.


Create a single portfolio gallery with description, video, faq, slider and content slider. All this is available in the free version. Pro version opens more abilities of customization.


Do you currently use some gallery plugin? What’s your favorite? Or maybe there’s some other plugin we didn’t mention here? Please, share your tips and observations in the comments bellow.

WP blog backup: 6 backup tools & plugins you should bookmark

WP blog backup: 6 backup tools & plugins you should bookmark

Did you ever have a nightmare that your blog gets hacked and all your information and past years of work and effort get vanished? Admit that at the thought of this scenario icy sweat creeps you out.

Don’t  allow yourself to ever come to that.

Many hosting providers offer backup services. But, in any case, it´s the safest option to install a backup plugin on your WordPress site.  That will definitely keep your nerves if for any reason there is a disaster.

With a good WordPress backup plugin, you can relax. It saves you time and money and protects your blog.

Although there are many of them, in this article we will list only regularly updated, most popular and free backup plugins. But before that, this is important to remember….


3 WordPress Backup Rules You Must Know

Before you start to use any backup plugin, you must remember carefully these three essential rules:

  • Before you install a new WordPress upgrade, it´s important to backup your database.
  • Set backup by the frequency of publishing and changes on your blog. If you publish new content every day, then set up a backup of your blog to be on a daily basis.
  • Keep three backups in three different forms or places. It should be in your email account, on an external hard drive, and for example on a DVD.


6 Backup plugins to bookmark


1.  Backup & Restore WPBackItUp

If you install this plugin, in several minutes you will have a complete zipped backup.

WPBackItUp is the best solution for the WordPress novice because no advanced knowledge is required. You don’t need to know any confusing terms as FTP, cPanel, MySQL or PHPMyAdmin.

Every backup is stored in a folder on your server. Backup includes a database, plugins, themes, media files, uploads, content and you can easily download it.

To save your space, WPBackItUp cleans up all work files. In paid version, you can schedule your backup whenever you want.

This plugin is definitely our warm recommendation.

2. BackUpWordPress

If you want to back up your site database and all your files on a set schedule, try BackUpWordpress plugin. It won´t disappoint you!

It doesn’t require any setup and works in low memory. You may check the option to receive the backup file by email.

Backups are stored on your server and you can change the directory. It currently has over 200,000 active installs and it is popular among WordPress users.

3. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

This plugin allows you to store backups into the following cloud services:

  • Amazon S3,
  • Dropbox,
  • Google Drive,
  • Rackspace Cloud,
  • DreamObjects,
  • FTP,
  • Openstack Swift,
  • UpdraftPlus Vault


You  can easily restore a backup in a single click and also, select which files you want to backup.The UpdraftPlus allows you to have separate schedules of backup files and database.

As the most popular and backup plugin with the highest ratings, it is reliable. It brings you the ability to split large site archives into many ones.

With the UpdraftPlus you can control remotely your backups on every site from a single dashboard with UpdraftCentral.

What more to wish from one backup plugin?

4. Duplicator

Try out the Duplicator if you want to migrate, copy or clone a blog. Also, if you need to move or backup WordPress site this plugin is amazingly simple to use.

It´s free, but in pro version you have multi site support, you can schedule and storage backups to DropBox, Drive, Amazon S3 and FTP.

Considering the popularity of this plugin, why not to try it?

5. WordPress Backup to Dropbox

Back up your site on a regular basis with this simple to use WordPress plugin. You may choose how often you wish your backup to be stored in your Dropbox.

In its free version, this plugin offers you to exclude files or directories from the backup. But if you are willing to pay for a premium extension, you may choose from lots of extra functionalities.

6. Backup Scheduler

Plan the backup of your site with the awesome Backup Scheduler. It allows you to choose which folders you want to backup, its frequency and where should store.

It is compatible with multi site installation. The difference between the other plugins is in that each blog administrator may save their own data.

Which plugin or service do you use to backup your WordPress site? Do you use free or paid plugins? Which is safer for you? Please, share your experiences in the comments bellow.

10 Best Free Admin Styling WordPress Plugins

10 Best Free Admin Styling WordPress Plugins

Do you mind the outdated look of the WordPress admin theme? There are many free plugins that can make your admin panel look more attractive.

Also, if you’re developing a WordPress website for a client, these plugins will customize their experience. And you could get the credit for that!

We have collected a list of the top 10 free WordPress admin styling plugins that will make your dashboard much pleasant to work. 

1.    Add Admin CSS

With high ratings from its users and over 10,000 active installs, this simple WordPress plugin can suit up your admin pages.

With it, you can hide and move elements, change fonts, colors, etc. Also, it allows you to easily define extra CSS.

Want to try it? Why not! It´s free!

2.    Admin Menu Editor

Admin Menu Editor is a popular admin styling plugin. It does what its name says – it lets you edit the WordPress admin menu.With its free version you can edit the dashboard menu, easily re-order it and hide it to be invisible to all users. Also, you can rename, add a custom menu and much more. There is drag & drop option for organizing menu items including moving it to a different submenu. Also, you can change menu permissions. The plugin has over 200,000 active installs and it´s updated frequently. With its average ratings of 4,7, it is definitely worth of giving a try.

3.    White Label CMS

Do you develop a WordPress site for a client? If you want to customize its administration, this plugin will give you a more personalized CMS.You have the ability to brand the dashboard and to choose visibility of menu items. With White Label CMS plugin you can add custom logos to the all important login pages. Your client will have a better-branded experience.

Take care of the details, and you will get a satisfied client.

This is one of the most popular and definitely the perfect admin plugin intended for developers

4.    Blue Admin

Users love Blue Admin plugin! It offers a simple admin design that makes your WordPress administration look minimalistic. With it, you can easily customize your login page and navigation menu.

This plugin will change the CSS style admin section, thick-box and login form.

It is not compatible with all WordPress versions. Update the last version and it will work for sure.

Listen to this advice and try this plugin. You will not regret.

5.    Admin Cleanup

Organize your admin menu with the Admin Cleanup WordPress plugin and reduce clutter. Just hide or move all unnecessary items from other plugins and that’s it. Currently, there are not many active installs, but certainly its popularity is growing. This shows high ratings of satisfied customers.

So, install Admin Cleanup, and simply unload your admin menu.


6.    AG Custom Admin

Meet a rising star among admin style plugins! AG Custom Admin represents the all-in-one tool for admin panel customization.It allows you to hide, change or remove admin menu, dashboard, login page, admin bar, etc.…

Also, it changes colors of all admin elements and makes it more attractive to work. If you need to make a new WordPress site for your client, amaze him by the branded look of the administration.

And that is not all. There are many more options for improving user experience on admin and login pages.  Give a chance to this amazing plugin and explore it.

7.    Flatty – Flat Admin Theme

Italians know fashion and also know how to make awesome looking admin plugins. If you want your administration to look modern, this plugin is a perfect for you.

Now, you can completely restyle, add captcha and custom logo to your login page. Hide widgets from the dashboard, beautify look of admin sidebar, add customer service support box for your clients and much more.

You can also choose any WordPress admin color scheme.

Always freshly updated and with the highest ratings, this plugin deserves to be on this list.

8.    Colorize Admin

You just need to choose the color you like and that’s it. Really? Is that simple?This awesome plugin will make your admin panel theme look minimalist and clean with its specific 26 colors available.

Although it has not many active installs, it is definitely becoming more popular. The highest ratings and good comments prove it.

The only catch is that you can’t use this plugin in combination with other similar plugins at the same time. This plugin will overwrite others or will be overwritten.

9.    Admin Columns

Easy to use drag & drop interface allows you to manage and organize columns in the administration for post, pages, media, comments, links and users. The free version of Admin Columns doesn’t support sorting, filtering, and inline editing and has no priority support.

It has currently over 60,000 active installs and the average rating of 4,9 from its users.


10.    WP Admin UI

This plugin also deserves to be found in this list, although it isn´t so popular. WP Admin UI allows you to completely optimize login screen, dashboard, admin menu, and other global settings. It offers 8 color schemes for users. You have the ability to import or export settings if you manage several websites.

With this list on your mind, choose the admin plugin which suits the best for your needs. Customize your WordPress administration experience and enjoy in its modern look.


Have you heard for some of these admin plugins? Do you currently use some or do you plan to upload it to your WordPress site? What is the reason you are not satisfied with the classic WordPress admin panel?


Please, share your thoughts and comments with us.