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In each business area, competitiveness is a major cause that drives the changes and offers greater value for customers. This is also the case with web hosting industry. It has to meet the customers´ evolving needs and to be in touch with technology shifts.

Cloud technologies are now a major player, and one of the fastest growing services of the digital age. So it is important for web hosting industry to keep up with this technology.

451 research report noticed six key trends that will surely rule in this industry by 2019.

1.    Specialization with broader service sets


Customers are moving workloads from the traditional to the specialized infrastructure and application environments. This includes IaaS and SaaS.

Specialized infrastructure with broadest service sets will win the race. Traditional service providers that limit their customers’ options will no longer be of interest.

2.    Evolving of channel partners for the cloud – chasing flexibility


Cloud hosting has unlocked all kinds of possibilities for small businesses and enterprises. By 2019 there will be more and more channel partners and tech vendors that play mediators between customers and service providers.

Channel partners represent service providers and their cloud services. They manage with hosting services and add value for the group of service providers. The majority of money paid for cloud services will pass through their hands.

Providers that are flexible and find channel partners that can offer advanced services will benefit the most. But, vendors and providers that don’t find channel partners or niches will lose the race. They must adapt to the needs of customers.

In the past, people would just buy a general hosting package and upload their files. In the future, they will select hosting based upon their specific needs.


3.    OpenStack for Private Cloud vs. Public Cloud 


More enterprise workloads moved to public or private cloud over a couple of last years. But, in the future, more and more companies will have its own private cloud.

According to 451 research report, by 2019. over 35% of companies will move to hosted software and SaaS models for application deployments in the cloud. As the web hosting industry adopts this platform, cloud technology will improve significantly.

A private cloud is simply a better fit than public cloud. Companies find it easier to adopt a private cloud than entrust their sensitive data to public cloud. Private clouds have lower costs and more streamlined and accessible websites.

OpenStack product and distribution retailers will grow faster than OpenStack service providers .



4.    Mobile-friendly

The future is mobile. Network service providers that provide mobile connectivity to cloud systems and mobile device security will be in advantage. In this trend, meeting the user’s needs also plays a role. Those web hosting companies that stay traditional and neglect the technology and habit changes, lose the race.

Today, almost everyone uses mobile devices to search for everything. If a company that we are looking for doesn’t show up in our mobile search results, it’s like it doesn’t exist.

Mobile responsiveness is not only a matter of website design. Hosting companies must provide support and more features for mobile versions of web pages.



5.    Improvement of cloud security

The idea of storing data somewhere that isn’t physical worries a lot of people in terms of security.

Fight against hackers and malware is a major theme which is affecting all kinds of hosting companies. Especially those who develop their own cloud systems. Hosting companies will continue to invest in this area.

As private cloud trend will grow, it’s important to provide the best cloud security. A lot of hosting companies extend SEO intensive security packages such as IP and SSL certificates.

The challenge for all businesses is to find affordable solutions for implementing the protection. This could lead to a rise in the outsourcing of cloud security to a dedicated providers


6.    Innovative Web Hosting

Many hosting services already offer SEO. Companies are considering for Generic Top Level Domains (gTLD) to create a unique URL that will fully represent their products and services.

With gTLD, you could create “hot.deals”, “woman.shoes” or any other domain name that will bring benefits to your business in search results.

Its not enough for Web hosting companies to have only engineering way of thinking. They have to be strategic thinkers in order to be in advantage.



What do you see as the top web hosting trends in near future? Share your thoughts with us down in the comments section.