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With the purpose of better domain name protection there are three levels that are available to users:

  1. Secure Mode
  2. Client-Side Lock or Registrar Lock
  3. Registry Lock


Secure mode

Secure Mode is domain status which requires verification of the action by an administrative contact. Namely, changes all critical data (changing of DNS servers, contacts update…) require verification by an admin contact. The verification email is sent by the RNIDS and it contains hyperlink through which the confirmation ( verification ) of the initiated action is performed. After the successful verification, new data would be listed.

Client-Side Lock or Registrar Lock

Client-Side Lock or Registrar Lock implies blocking of all changes of the domain except renewal. If a client wants to change, for example, DNS servers for his/her domain, he/she has to unlock the domain first and then submit changes via my.ninet.rs portal or send us a ticket to support@ninet.rs. The domain will have status “UNLOCK” for the next 30 minutes and then it will return to previous status “LOCK”.


*** These two levels of protection are free, and can be activated at any time, the next one (Registry Lock) is the most efficient, but the billable one. ***

Registry Lock

Registry Lock is the highest level of security and it requires three additional contacts. It means that a client cannot make any changes on the domain until this security is deactivated permanently or temporarily.


The owner has to send us a ticket to support@ninet.rs and provide us with three extra contacts (name, surname, address, email address and phone number). They will be contacted by RNIDS in order to deactivate this protection. This protection annually costs 88 EUR, that is, if the protection is submitted after the domain registration it will be active until domain expiration (e.g. domain was registered on 31st, January, 2017 and protection was submitted on 28th, March, 2017 it will be active until 31st, January, 2017). If the owner wishes to continue to use Registry Lock he/she has to renew both domain name and Registry Lock, or if he/she doesn’t wish to continue to use Registry Lock he/she can pay only domain name renewal.


The owner has to send us a ticket to support@ninet.rs and specify the period of deactivation, otherwise the status will be set to the previous condition after 48 hours. After the request has been sent RNIDS will contact at least two of the three additional contacts for further confirmation via email or phone call. It is necessary that at least two additional contacts agree with the deactivation and it will be applied. Deactivation can be activated/deactivated unlimited number of times.

Sincerely,NiNet Team

NiNet Team